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Outlook Time – Outlook Time Tracking with TimeSheet Reporter – Time-Efficient and Convenient

Outlook Time Tracking with TSR Saves Time
and Increases Productivity

For the longest time, timesheets have been used as a way to monitor an employee’s work hours, and to make sure that his or her time in the workplace is spent appropriately on the right tasks. Timesheet reporting systems have also been used to effectively calculate employee payroll (based on the person’s ‘productive hours’) as well as to accurately compute clients’ billable hours for particular projects.

Outlook Time

Outlook Time – Outlook Time Tracking with TimeSheet Reporter – Time-Efficient and Convenient

With the advent of technology, companies have been introduced to modern timesheet reporting tools in the form of apps or software—like TimeSheet Reporter® that help them carry out and manage projects more efficiently (especially as project management requirements now have gotten more stringent.)

One favorite tool that has been very popular for project management is Microsoft Outlook. (It features the Outlook Calendar, which is used to record project schedules, updates, and appointments.) Before, companies used a separate tool for timesheet reporting or for monitoring project progress – so the staff still had to be trained in using the additional program; at the same time, they also had to use two different apps, one for listing of the projects or scheduled appointments, and the other one for creating timesheet reports for the tasks involved in those projects. This resulted in a huge amount of time being spent on simply accomplishing timesheets for the different tasks, therefore wasting precious time and hindering company productivity.

Businesses realize this inefficient use of time (time that could have otherwise been spent on more profitable activities), so TimeSheet Reporter® was developed with its built-in Outlook time tracking feature that you can use right in your Outlook Calendar.

With TimeSheet Reporter, users both have the ability to view all tasks and appointments within a particular timeframe as well as to add timesheet details, notes or comments, and then later submitting everything at once, hence, saving considerable time and energy in completing several important tasks.

TimeSheet Reporter’s Outlook time tracking feature is so intuitive, accurate, and simple to use that its thorough-integration with Outlook Calendar enables employees to continue working on their tasks while keeping the Outlook time tracker open, so they can simply press Submit once a task is finished, and then the timesheet is automatically sent to a supervisor.

TSR furthermore features standardized reports, so that you can easily get an overview over time spent on different projects, clients, internal time, tasks, etc.

Also, TSR is based on a convenient and user-friendly platform – Knowledge about how to use the Microsoft Outlook Calendar is all that the TSR time tracking system requires. (Reorienting staff or managers to a new software or app is no longer required.)

Finally, project managers no longer need to rely on another program to track time spent on particular tasks. (They can easily compare the total time spent on different client projects as well as time spent by each staff on each project’s tasks.)

With TimeSheet Reporter, Outlook time tracking becomes simple, convenient, accurate and highly efficient. This allows the company to save time and get a better control over their tasks and projects, as well as make more efficient plans for future projects. It is not very surprising then that TimeSheet Reporter® and its innovative Outlook time tracking feature has proved to be the number one choice-solution for both employees and management teams no matter what type of business.

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